Sunday, April 20, 2014

something about it

i was all over with this photo
i can see where my focus was going
where my intention was
something about this photo
i insist we must love what we do
i try to do that
i do hope you have had a lovely Easter day
He Has Risen
the fan is humming
the temperatures are there
the house is still
the muggy rain has arrived
i am loving the writing in the book the orchardist
thank you artifact uprising for featuring my work
i'm honored
i kind of love this day
{so much}

Thursday, April 10, 2014


that sweet tea towel is a gift from rebecca 
she also made me a red one
i really don't know where i would be without her friendship
{especially these last few months}
i finished "the goldfinch" book
thumbs down
not the book for me
i won't say more
i respect the many readers who love this book
i bought the reading chair
it fits in our bedroom perfectly
{with a quilt draped over the arm of course}
now to find a new book to sink my teeth into
how about the orchardist

is back
love love being a part of that group
thank you for the kind words about our girl getting into university
we are all over the place
where to go
which to choose
a fun but stressful time the same
 my work was chosen for the cover
here at our collective

that makes me proud
i'm kind of beaming

these plums are going to be roasted with a chicken
Spring is here with it's ups and downs
i will take it all

Monday, March 24, 2014

moving along

i can't put the book down 
it's so good
the book is a hefty one
where will i find the time to fall into these pages

just like that
last Sunday to be exact
{"You're In!"}
that's what the letter read
her first college acceptance letter
we burst into happy dances 
all around the kitchen
phone calls 
i am so proud of our girl
it's too soon
she will be moving away
i miss her already
my homeschooling days are coming to an end
a retirement of sorts
{sad face- happy face}
all the emotions


we ate this pretzel for breakfast on Sunday
we all voted it be a tradition on Sunday morning
like pancakes
french toast


i went looking for a reading chair
i think i found one
needs a good breaking in
a warm corner 
next to a reading lamp...
i only left the store with these sweet place mats
another look at the chair tonight
life is moving along at a rapid pace
palms clasped
God is good

Monday, March 10, 2014

these things

sleeping better
reading the goldfinch
{oh you warned me, i can barely put it down}
eating popcorn for dinner
moving forward
making chocolate chip cookies
creating a to do list for spring
{that includes another color of peonies}
using my big camera
shooting my girls senior photos
writing a letter with a magenta colored pen
finding frankie magazine
choosing peace
{it's the small things...}
i'm hoping you are all well

Thursday, March 06, 2014


i haven't been able to sleep well at night
some sort of wonky neck and shoulder type of strain
it hurts like hell
i am gathering a few essentials for tonight
the movie
"singing in the rain"
a few books by my bedside
hopefully i won't need any of it
i will snore a coat off paint of the wall
there's been so much inspiration online lately
so many recipes 
stories of winter
the hope of Springs arrival
although i don't watch the oscars
or much tv for that matter
i couldn't help falling in love with these words

"no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid."
lupita nyong'o

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

of visiting

it's been a bit crazy here
it seems so much is going on
"hi mom there is someone very special to me that i want you to meet"
that special someone would travel 20 hours to visit our son
meet the family
{i kept reminding myself he's growing up}
the house was cleaned
poppies were ordered
french soap was placed in the bath
this chicken piccata was made 
{and loved}
good times were had
i must admit 
i kind of fell in love in with our visitor
{she is the bees knees}
many tears were shed when these sweet days of visiting came to an end
then it was on to the ice for our daughter
a new broom was ordered
drives were made
bonspiels were attended
rocks were thrown
the seniors felt it 
 the last speil as high school students
{time flew}
i welcome the stillness that has found me
a bit of hibernating is in order
since the snow is falling once again
this book was ordered
along with 
this one
life is good